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Call for donations to continue our actions in Pakistan
Four projects are currently in progress in Pakistan. They concern 4 villages (Suleman Brohi, Jan Muhammed Kato, Taj Muhammed Kato and JaloKato), that is the construction of 41 houses and the rehousing of 200 persons. 11 families of the Suleman Brohi village have already benefited form these new housings, and 21 houses out of 30 have been built in the three other villages.
The Emergency Architects Foundation is currently looking to raise funds in order to carry out these projects in Pakistan and to provide enduring accommodation to more families.

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New projects carried out in Haiti

A new urbanism project emerges in Haiti: the Community Planning Project. In partnership with Great Britain Oxfam, it seeks to contribute to the renovation of the stricken urban areas, and concerns about 4 500 houses. Other projects are carried out: repairing houses damaged by the earthquake that will enable to rehouse about 1 200 families. The renovation of health centers and clinics in partnership with the French Red Cross is being carried out and will enable the stricken populations to have access to medical services of quality.


May – Implementation of the rehabilitation mission in Mali

Working within the framework of a development programme on several sites in Mali, the Foundation Abbé Pierre wanted to put into place a project to rehabilitate 22 houses in Kayes which had been built in 2002.

These houses required a lot of renovation work to make them habitable.  The Foundation of Emergency Architects was solicited by the Foundation Abbé Pierre and are in the process of implementing a rehabilitation mission.


Creation of a specialised masters « Emergency building & infrastructures specialist »

To train emergency workers to cope with the unavoidable demands put on them when on missions for the Foundation, the president of FEA, Patrick Coulombel wished to create a specialised masters degree in collaboration with the ESTP.
A project that has just been authorised by the « Commission de la Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”

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Feedback from the debates on the 26th May – International Conference
Architecture of tomorrow: is it still possible to build on the planet earth?

These debates highlighted the poor management of agricultural land and the need for urgent rethinking of urbanisation.  France has lost 5 million hectares of agricultural land since 1960, that is an average of 100,000 hectares per year.  It is with this shock statistic, proclaimed by Philippe Pointereau, a specialist in the use of agricultural land at SOLAGRO, that the 6th International Conference in Paris was opened.

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Vente aux enchères caritative d'art contemporain près de 95 000 euros récoltés au profit de la Fondation

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